Bits and Pieces

Most days now, the first two or three hours are lost to finding out what is going on in the world. It is beginning to seem pointless reconstructing the lives of long-dead people when genocide is taking shape.

Distracted, I haven’t been able to tackle any research of substance. Today, I did a bit of tidying.

I put the headstone of John Sumpton FOX on the Shared Tree yesterday – and tried to find the origins of his second wife this morning. An unusual middle name – Dale – made it somewhat easier to trace Mary SMITH, but her father was John Smith and her mother just Ann. Mary indicated in censuses that she was born in the time of civil registration but her death record (if I have it right) gives 1836 as a calculated birth year. She was a spinster aged 53 when she married John so there are no children to offer assistance. An 1861 census entry provides a possible brother, ten years her junior, and a three-year-old niece born in Leyburn that could be helpful. There is more work to do here.

Yesterday morning the sun shone and made James ROBINSON’s headstone (Sunday’s post) more legible so I photographed it again and put the better image on the Shared Tree today.

I also did some “figure work”. Two weeks into the new meteorological year, I am still struggling with data from 2020/21. I hope to have some graphs showing the Ten Station results soon. (Confession: I didn’t take any interest in Cop 26.)

Omicron intrigues me though – and the use our Fat Controller is making of it. Cases doubling every three days eh? Not for long, surely. After almost two years of pandemic and a year of mass jabbing, there cannot be many susceptibles left. Unless…

All one can say for certain is that Humankind 1.0 needs saving.

Measure of Man 67 · Lifeboat

Glen Gardens Lake

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