Billy-boy and the Billiard Marker

In early April 1871, Thomas Sowersby GELL was enumerated at the George Inn in the small village of Hollym. Aged 22 and single, he worked as a Billiard Marker, probably in nearby Withernsea. (His father headed the household but was described as an agricultural labourer/shepherd, not an innkeeper.) Thomas was a local hero. Less than two months before the census he had saved a man from drowning.

Thomas married a Filey girl, Augusta Emma HULLOCK, in November the following year. They had three sons. They gave the middle boy the name of a more famous sea captain than George PEARSON but, sadly, Arthur Horatio died before his first birthday. Curiously, the other boys were both called William – and both were living with their maternal grandmother in Scarborough in 1881.

They were fatherless. I haven’t been able to establish when Thomas died. Two online trees can’t agree (1875 or 1879) and a believable death registration source hasn’t surfaced yet. Augusta remarried in 1883 but I don’t know what happened to her.

The Hullock and Gell families have representation on the FamilySearch Shared Tree but some duplicate IDs need to be addressed. Find Thomas here.

Water 49 · Martin’s Ravine

Google Alt Text: a close-up of an eye

Any advance on ten eyes (five faces in the water)?

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