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CAF: [5.22] I think, as more and more people realise that this has nothing to do with health and everything into creating literally a digital concentration camp. You know, that’s what we’re doing, we’re turning the whole world into a concentration camp through digital means. It’s sort of free-range slavery. So many people in America are always worried that they are going to round you up and put you in FEMA camps. Wait a minute (laughs)…

JEREMY: But is it actually possible to stop?

 CAF: So, yeah, it’s absolutely possible to stop, and it’s absolutely possible to stop because if,  you know, it’s back to the British poet, “ye are many, they are few”. Now, if you stop your non-compliance (sic) [compliance?] it’s going to get very violent, very forceful, many people are going to die. But a lot less people are going to die than if you don’t stop. So, I keep saying, and I’ll say it again, death is not the worst thing that can happen. Many, many people in the Western world have never experienced slavery. You don’t want to experience what’s coming.

JEREMY: What is coming?

So, this is an effort for complete central control – of your body, of your life, of your behaviour, of your mind. Everything. You know, my concern… if the vaccine passports are allowed to go into effect, you know, that means if you don’t do what you are told, they can cut off all your money, and cut off your ability to travel, or transact. And, you know, when I say, if you don’t do what you’re told, if they decide that you need to turn your children over to them, you know, there you go. You’re talking about putting into a system where if they decide they want to walk off with your kids, they can and will. You can’t let that happen. You can’t let a system go into a place where you have absolutely no rights and there’s no law that protects you. And so many people in the Western world have lived in a system where we have rights and we have law. They can’t conceive of what this could become. You’re talking about literally taking individuals and moving them out of the space of sovereign individuals under divine authority into a space of livestock that can be harvested in a variety of ways. And what we’re watching around the globe…we’re watching a genocide.

Catherine Austin Fitts on Plague Laws and Spiritual Warfare, 18 December 2021; Jerm Warfare

Sunrise 54 · Filey Bay

Carr Naze and Brigg Corner

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