The Year Ahead

I don’t think it will be any less confusing than 2021 but tomorrow REDUX is going to get a jab – in the hope of inoculating it against future external distractions.

The genealogical therapy I’ve cooked up may be no more effective than a Covid booster – and could possibly cause adverse reactions in some readers. Time will tell. REDUX will get better – or die.

Each day will open with a list of five Anniversaries – remembering six people chosen haphazardly from a list of about 40,000 people in the database with Filey connections. Most will have a place on the FamlySearch Shared Tree and some will have stones in St Oswald’s churchyard marking their graves. Thanks to the generosity of contributors to the original Looking at Filey, I have photographs and stories of quite a few people. There are, however,  only enough hours in a day to write at any length about one or two of each day’s chosen, so apologies in advance to anyone who may feel short-changed.

I will “reprint” some posts from the old blog (still not accessible at the British Library) and continue to provide a photo of Filey each day. The wicked world could make occasional appearances under the heading New World Disorder.

As the Covid Narrative continues to disintegrate, the WEF types may shift to dealing in Climate Change disinformation – so I will carry on monitoring the Ten Stations and Durham Tees and post occasional tables and graphs. I may also sneak in brief extracts from my old Journals that can, somehow, be linked to the Shared Tree.

See how it goes…

Sunrise 55 · Filey Bay

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