Decline and Fall

So, men responsible for the deaths and misery of millions are ennobled. What is the world coming to?

This chimpanzee deserves a knighthood.


2017 Filey


The afternoon walk was uneventful. Quite a few people on the sands, all of them visitors I’d guess. And none displaying any anxiety about the coming nuclear war. Apparently, it is going to kick off on the 17th of February. Or maybe a few days before, to be followed by the Second Coming of Jesus. Exciting times, huh?

In the everyday fight for truth against lies and “fake news” several front line YouTube soldiers on the side of righteousness are discovering that their vlogs are being demonetized by Google AND having their PayPal accounts frozen. The elites are clearly concerned that The Truth is reaching a growing audience of people who are tired of being sheeple. The current bought and sold Big Platforms must be under severe pressure to curb the flow of objective reporting. It seems unlikely that making Truth Telling uneconomic will seriously reduce availability. New and independent platforms will spring up – until the PTB decide to shut down the Internet altogether. HAM Radio anyone? And snail mail? You can see where we are heading though. Civil Strife. Better perhaps to go straight to Nuclear Armageddon and have done with it.


1875 · Sarah Jane MAULSON · 2026 Cammish E155

1841 · Hannah DANBY · MG8J-3XD

Hannah’s family seem to have been content to live in and around Hunmanby but marriage to Francis MITCHELL opened the way to a Filey heritage replete with CAMMISH, COLLING, DOUGLAS and SCOTTER forebears. It would take a while and the connections are yet to be made on FamilySearch. Her grandson Francis, born in 1908, waits on the Shared Tree for his bride.

1897 · John William COLLEY & Jane LUNDY · 364 Colley G275 

John William and Jane have five children on the Shared Tree but I can’t make any sense out of “Nellia”. Third child John William Lundy (by my reckoning) was buried on their fourth wedding anniversary. (See below.)

1875 · Sophia Nunn née HAXBY · 1853 Nunn E64

1901 · John William Lundy COLLEY · L2BV-WKS

Old News

Friday 2 January 1885 AD.

District Intelligence.


FILEY VOLUNTEER LIFE-SAVING AND ROCKET BRIGADE.-The second anniversary of this company took place yesterday at Mr Fountain’s, the Ship Inn, Filey, and was celebrated by an excellent dinner, to which about 30 members of the brigade and their friends sat down. Captain Ling occupied the chair, and Mr Ellis, chief officer of the Coastguard, was in the vice-chair.

The Scarborough Mercury

I found Francis ELLIS on the Shared Tree. He had seven children with Elizabeth Small BROWN but five are “missing”. I don’t know when I will find the time…

Water 51 · Martin’s Ravine

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