Old Correspondence

Friday 5 January 1883


To the Editor of the Scarborough Mercury

SIR,-I would ask you to correct your statement in today’s paper that “I entertained the school children of Filey at the Skating Rink.” They were entertained and a handsome present given to each by Mrs Nicholson, of the Crescent. I was only present as an invited guest.-Your obedient servant,

A. N. Cooper.

Filey Vicarage,

December 20, 1882.


1873 · Donald BELLWOOD · GDV6-NP7

Morris BELLWOOD and Anne ROWLIN were born in Bridlington. Neither has forebears on the Filey Genealogy & Connections (FG&C) database but eight children were born to them in Filey – after their first two girls had arrived in St Helens on the Isle of Wight. Mary Ann and Elizabeth had places on the Shared Tree and, in a second iteration of the family, two of the boys also. I created IDs for the other children and will tackle the necessary merge – and add sources – another day.

1846 · Jane Maria CORTIS · MGZ3-MLC

Jane has appeared in a couple of REDUX posts.

(Click the link and scroll down for A Bright Boy and Jane Maria.)

1756 · Thomas INCE  & Ann SANDEMAN · LCRK-HBR & LCRK-HGZ

I am not sure where in Yorkshire Thomas and Ann hail from but daughter Hannah, with the assistance of husband Hugh KIRBY, made a significant contribution to the population of Filey.

1922 · Mary Jane Cowling née MARTIN · LCJ7-92B · 484 Cowling G389

1818 · William WILLIAMSON · MGZM-9JX

William drowned in one of Scarborough’s bays and his body was brought to Filey for burial. There isn’t a marked grave.


1985 Coalbrookdale


Dug through the frost by the lawn – a grave for Blondie. Had to break up a rather nice willow pattern plate just below the surface. Made me think – should I put something in to help Blondie on her way. A tin of Whiskas. She was never one for ornaments.

On the way to the shop, I saw Brian Owen looking at the Pool by the Garage. “What sort of bird’s that?” he asked. It was a heron. It flew away, lazily. Very grand. (In better shape than the one seen 18 months ago by the New Pool.) “Sorry about your cat,” he said. It seems that Blondie was knocked down in Darby Road. Some boys took her round to the Legion and Brian took her in, put her by the radiator. Thought the warmth might help. “He was paralysed, like; lost use of ‘is legs.” She died the following afternoon while he was at work. Eighteen long hours – as if she wasn’t suffering enough already.

Sand 42 · Tidelines

Google Alt Text: a close-up of a fetus

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