Last Week’s Warmth

Seven days ago I posted a Climate Reanalyzer screenshot of the temperature anomalies expected around Europe on the first day of 2022. In Durham Tees, the highest mean temperatures were recorded on the last two years of 2021 and New Year’s Day. (That is, days 2 to 4 of Week Five of the current meteorological year.)

The effect of just three days of unseasonal warmth is clearly shown by the calculated Warming Rate below.

(The years 2017/18 to 22020/21 provide the 4-year average.)

A Warming Rate of almost 60 may seem extreme but one IPCC unit is only 0.02174 of a degree Centigrade. The mean temperature above Pre-Industrial rose from 1.55°C in Week 4 to 2.39 degrees last week.

A Great 2022



1865 · Mary Ann LANE · 1763 Jenkinson F27

1833 · Charlotte EMPTAGE · 34 Fox A1

Emptages of Thanet

Sandra’s Genealogy Website

1891 · Arthur Nevile COOPER & Maude NICHOLSON · 1632 Cooper D388

When Arthur wrote his letter to the newspaper in 1882 (yesterday’s post), his future wife was thirteen years old – the elder daughter of his hostess on “Treat Day”, Mrs Nicholson.

Search online for Arthur Nevile to get plenty of hits – though most people (myself included) have fallen for “Neville” on occasion.

1891 · Thomas Norfolk JACKSON · MZT9-FR7

Thomas Norfolk was Vicar of Filey before Arthur Nevile and is notable, for now at least, of siring Andrew Jackson of Fayette, Kentucky. Out of wedlock. His legitimate children need work too.

1932 · Thomas MARRINER · MGKS-PJB · 1770 Marriner E26

Thomas was born in Hutton Buscel and buried ninety years ago in St Oswald’s churchyard. I will marry him to Hannah Maria as soon as I can.

Measure of Man 69 · Wish Fulfilment

Mercury’s Buttocks, Italian Gardens, Scarborough

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