Five Weeks of Covid

Worldometer has more Covid data and graphs than you could ever want or need.

The NHS in the UK comes under pressure every winter but the super-transmissible Omicron variant of Covid-19 disease has sent the number of “cases” skyrocketing recently.

So many nurses and doctors are “off sick” that a few army personnel have been drafted into some hospitals that find themselves in crisis.

There is good news. Omicron is not as lethal as its Delta predecessor.

If Omicron really is a thing and responsible for the majority of cases now, it certainly looks mild.


1875 · Arthur Horatio GELL · GDHN-P7H

See Billy-Boy and the Billiard Marker

1817 · Eleanor RUDSTON · MG65-WVD

Eleven people are remembered on plaques attached to the walls of the Rudston Memorial in St Oswald’s churchyard and Eleanor isn’t one. It is possible that she isn’t connected by blood to them but I would be surprised if the children of her sister Emily and the Reverend John Henry BROWN didn’t call her Aunt Eleanor. A Blue Hint on the Shared Tree points to Eleanor marrying Robert BROWN.

1790 · Thomas CLARKE & Elizabeth COATES

The couple married in Norfolk and it took several generations before a descendant made their way to Filey and “married in”. I haven’t yet found Thomas and Elizabeth on the Shared Tree.

1839 · William AGAR · 25 Agar A9

William was only 28 when he drowned. He may have been master of a ship lost on a coastal voyage from London to Shields because his wife of Elizabeth was with him. A reader of the old blog led me to this intriguing newspaper snippet –

1916 · Jefferson BLADES · 1503 Blades D299


1991 Coalbrookdale


Murky waves surged onto a narrow beach of filthy stones. Would Jean come out here with my father’s metal detector and hunt for Roman coins? A strong sun glared off the wide river. Entered the odd world of Independent magazines for much of the journey, occasionally surfacing to be repelled by hideous winter landscapes in Sheffield, Birmingham, Dudley. Two of the trains were fifteen minutes late but there was no sign of impatience in any waiting passenger. Uniform dull acceptance. It’s what everyone expects. I guess the country faces the approach of war with similar bovine stupidity. (Not long now, Saddam.)

An American nun with a handsome set of luggage filled the door approaching Telford. “Is this Wellington?” she asked as the train slowed. “No, this is Telford Central; Wellington is the next stop.” She made way for me. “Good job you asked,” I smiled. As I got out I heard her ask someone else, “Is Wellington the next stop?” My suitcase may be battered cardboard but I’m a truthful chap. (Whatever happened to vows of poverty anyway?)

Beach 153 · Filey Sands

Pampletine Cliffs, Arndale & the Yacht Club

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