Pulling Rank

My chosen few today turned out to be an awkward bunch. The born and the buried took a lot of sorting out. I have had to neglect the others. I’ll list them anyway and if you, dear reader, have any information to share…


1904 · Geoffrey OTLEY

Geoff was born in Filey but his family came to the coast from Sheffield. His father was a Dispensing Chemist and Geoff seems to have followed him into the business. Kath was unsure of his wife’s maiden surname but appended this note on Filey Genealogy & Connections –

Geoff fell in love with her when they were walking in the mountains. He thought there was no-one like her.

They married in Cockermouth in 1936 so – Lake District mountains fit the bill.

1816 · Margaret SHIPPEY · MGCB-H9V

“SHEPPEY” on FamilySearch, Margaret married into the family of “the first Filey Jenkinson”. Husband Matthew drowned in the Boston Deeps aged 32. Margaret raised their five children, worked as a nurse and died aged 79 in 1895.

1779 · William FOSTER and Jane HUTCHINSON

William has several FamilySearch IDs but none place him with Jane. Their descendants do not appear to have had large families – and most lived in the parish but outside of town. There’s a lot of work to do to bring them all together.

1970 · Hannah Margaret GOUNDRILL · 1884 Goundrill F109

1827 · Matthew BRUMPTON · 265 Brumpton G187

Two or three instances of “Matthew BROMPTON” have to be merged.

Mark of Man 80 · Scarborough

Spa Concerts

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