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from The Scarborough Mercury
Friday 11 January 1884

Meeting of the Local Board

An adjourned meeting of the Filey Local Board was held in the Boardroom on Wednesday. All the members were present. A letter was read from Mr T. R. Cammish, collector, resigning his office on account of ill-health, the resignation was accepted, Mr D’Honge presented the plans for the new sea barrier and fore­shore which were approved, and tracings were ordered to be sent to each of the property owners adjoining the proposed road.

Friday 11 January 1895

Filey · Events of the Week

There is little of interest to write about this week. Filey in common with other places is labouring under that dull and uneventful period that follows the Christmas festival. Of course, there have been the usual large number of parties, and in the near future at least two balls are to take place. This will gratify a certain circle, but what is wanted for the many is something in the way of work. The money that was brought into the town during last winter, when the sea wall was in course of construction, is sorely missed, and many will rejoice if at an early date a commencement is made with the new drainage works, the money for which has now been borrowed. It will be a great pity if this work is not commenced and finished before another season is upon us. Let the new Council see to it and have the money spent at the time of the year when it is most needed.


Another day of falling way short on Anniversary work. I didn’t get close to knowing if my “picks” were inspired. None of the chosen has family names in the Thousand Most Common on the Surname Map I have found online. And I had time to find only one of the six had a FamilySearch ID.

1863 · Thomas WELBURN · LVFD-HZ1

Thomas didn’t arrive alone this day but his twin sister didn’t stay long. Elizabeth Ann doesn’t yet appear on the Shared Tree. (And he only had one brother called George.)

There are over a hundred people with the Welburn name on Filey Genealogy & Connections. The family ranks 62. The aforementioned website says Welburns are found in 703 places in the UK. It is safe to say that the family is over-represented in Filey. The map extract below doesn’t support this assertion, offering instead a sizeable gathering a few miles north in Scarborough. Find the complete map here.

1852 · Jane Elizabeth LIGHTFOOT

 Forty-one people are on FG&C (Rank 215) and individuals found in 3,011 UK places. Jane reached adulthood and worked as a dressmaker.

1871 · John Foster ARTLEY & Hannah Dorsdale FRANKISH

In my RootsMagic database, John Foster is only two years old when he married Hannah. I was keen to correct this error but didn’t find the time!

1892 · Digby Strangeways WRANGHAM

How could I not pick this fellow? I know very little about the family but I think they held land and titles in various parts of the country. There was a “Hunmanby branch” but I am not aware of it having much to do with Filey. Digby was the Vicar of Darrington (Pontefract) and died aged sixty. He wrote a number of books and had three children with Agnes Augusta RAIKES.

1874 · Rachel Johnson EXLEY

Rachel was six months old when she was buried in St Oswald’s churchyard, in an unmarked grave. She had four older siblings but FG&C has little to say about them.

Abstract 85 · Mudscape

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