The Usual Complaint

[Old News]

Saturday 12 January 1878

Mr AUTON drew attention to the slow progress of the kerbing and also asked if Mr Hobson and Mr VARLEY had seen about a piece of ground for the stabling and sanitary soil.-Mr ROBSON replied that Mr Varley had been busy and had not had an opportunity of seeing to the work.-Mr COOK thought they were not tied to a rnonth as to seeing about the ground, &c… but Mr DOWSLAND thought different; he commented severely on the dilatory manner in which some of the members carried out the duties allotted to them; they were always postponing that and the other and the consequence was that they seemed to get nothing done, and they would drive everything until next summer—like the asphalting was left a short time ago.   He was sorry the clerk was ill, he had neglected his duty by not taking down the full details of the minutes and likewise in not sending the papers he had received about the sanitary cart and patent sweeping brush. Moreover, he had not appointed anyone to act in his place as secretary. He concluded by proposing that the resignation of the Inspector of Nuisances be accepted.-Mr Auton seconded the resolution which was carried unanimously.

The Scarborough Mercury

William Williamson AUTON Painter, Plumber, Glazier MP26-VNQ

John Binnington ROBSON Chemist & Land Agent KFLW-2W4

John COOK, Tailor & Draper [not found]

James VARLEY, Hotel Keeper & Wine Merchant MGZT-F6Z

Welborn DOWSLAND, Grocer MG8K-GXW & MG82-YH6

Mr Hobson not found


1789 · John CRAWFORD · K24D-1DF

1791 · Ellis GLAVES · 996 Foster D53

1791 · Thomas PETTY MJDY-755 and Hannah HALL ·  MJDY-7R4  

Also Hannah Baptism

1985 · John Alaric SHEPHERD

John was born in Port Clarence, County Durham, and died aged 85 just a few miles away in Stockton on Tees. His father hailed from Filey Parish (Lebberston) and his grandfather John from Hunmanby. John Shepherd is on the Shared Tree but currently, his six children with first wife Margaret BINSLEY have been given to second wife Margaret BENDELOW. I have created an ID for Tom but will have to deal with the marriages, and John Alaric, another time.

1949 · Florence BINDOFF · 1902 Colling E97

In loving memory of GEORGE COLLING, died 16th May 1941, aged 64.

‘Thy will be done’

Also of his wife, FLORENCE COLLING, died 10th Jan 1949, aged 70.

‘At rest’

Abstract 86 · Another Mudscape

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