Making Mistakes

As I prepared to post yesterday I noticed I’d married Ann Tindall to a chap called Nicholas Cook. I sorted out my mess this morning – without understanding how I made such an error. Anyway, here are baptism and marriage screenshots that help to establish Nathaniel and Ann in their world.

Find them on the Shared Tree.


1889 · Mary Veronica SUGGIT · G76B-Z4Q

Mary is a granddaughter of Filey merchant Thomas SUGGIT.

Photographer unknown, courtesy Smith & Suggit families via Kath Wilkie

1897 · Thomas Cammish MAJOR · 846 Major G704

Courtesy Elaine Deller

Thomas (second from left, middle row) with comrades, somewhere in France?

He is remembered on the Filey War Memorial, on a plaque in St Oswald’s Church, online here and here, and on the family headstone in St Oswald’s churchyard (link in header).

1893 · Eric Rede BUCKLEY · GSV1-C9J & Gertrude HAWORTH

The couple married in St Oswald’s. Gertrude was the 13th of fourteen children born to Filey’s “Old Doctor” and Jane BURY but she would have just one child with the Reverend Eric. The known journeys of their forebears to late-Victorian Britain couldn’t be more different. The Haworths and Burys disappear from the Shared Tree in next to no time, whereas the Buckleys keep on branching towards the dawn of historical time. On my first trip, I was captured by generations of Irish Kings. Exploration is recommended. But what happened to Eric, Gertrude and their daughter Janet Constance?

1909 · Jane Elizabeth DRY · 1469 Hunter D262

1842 · Editha WOODCOCK · 985 Harland C37

This Editha is the grandmother of last Thursday’s bride (Editha Sarah Ann FOSTER). Below – three matching stones for interconnecting families at the east end of the church.

Sunrise 56 · Bridge Hole

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