Filey Boat Launching Tragedy

A fisherman was killed at Filey early this morning at the slipway, where he was struck by a motor fishing boat as she was about to be launched, and a wheel of the carriage passed over his head.

He was John William Sayers, aged 61, of 85 Queen Street, Filey.

Describing the accident, fishermen stated that they were launching the boats down the slipway about 630am. It was pitch dark and raining Sayers, who was one of the launchers, was just returning from the

coble landing-where he had been for his oilskin-to the water’s edge, to help the other launchers to lift the fishing boats from their wheels. Just behind him, the “Joan Mary.” weighing about three tons, was being run down the slipway ready for the launching. As the wheels on which the boat was borne had rubber tyres, and there was the roar of the sea ahead, it is assumed that the man did not hear the carriage running behind him.

The fishermen launching the boat felt her strike some object and to their horror they found Sayers lying on the sand severely injured.

The wheel had gone right over his head and the force of the boat took her another 19 yards. Deceased made no cry, and death was apparently instantaneous.

Dr. Vincent hastened to the scene, but could only pronounce life extinct.

All the fishing boats about to put off stayed ashore in consequence of the fatality.

The Scarborough Evening News & Daily Post

See An Accident Revisited and the Anniversary below.


1841 · Matthew CRAWFORD · 379 Crawford G320

1839 · George FEATHERSTONE · GQ5Z-73K

1804 · William PASHBY · MGZS-VVQ & Elizabeth READ

William and Elizabeth married in Muston but both are buried at St Oswald’s, though not in a marked grave.

1939 · John William Sumpton SAYERS · 2050 Sayers E161

1826 · Thomas MOSEY · G4XL-65T

The headstone remembering Thomas and his son John was put in section H by John and Maisie Crimlisk but it cannot now be found. Their transcription –

To the memory of THOMAS MOSEY, who died Jan 15th 1826, aged 49 yrs.

‘In life much respected and in death much lamented’

JOHN, son of the above, who was drowned in The River Thames, Feb 5th 1819,

aged 17 years and was interred at Mr. Reed’s Chapel, [?] Road, London

Thomas had fifteen children with Ann but John is missing on FamilySearch. I’ll make sure he is given his place on the pedigree before the anniversary of his drowning comes round.

Bird 111 · Treecreeper

Church Ravine

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