Killing Fields

Friday 25 January 1895

Filey: Events of the Week

During the past week there has been very little of importance occurring at Filey. Matters have been jogging on in the usual quiet easy way. On Monday an occurrence of considerable interest to naturalists took place. There were to be seen flying over the noted Brigg hundreds of birds known as the roche or Iceland awk. It is said they are the harbingers of bad Weather, and Wednesday’s gale has proved that to be the case in this instance. Many of the birds flew inland. Mr J. Fountain, Foord’s Hotel, was proceeding along the Scarborough road later in the day, and picked up one of them in an exhausted con­dition. Several knights of the trigger were on the lookout and succeeded in killing several, it is a very rare thing to witness such a sight. The oldest inhabitant does not remember having seen so many of the Iceland awk at one time, and some winters, it happens that not one of these birds are seen. Mr. J Fountain intends having three of them stuffed, to be made use of as an ornament.

The Scarborough Mercury


1799 · John JOHNSON · L268-7DF

John has an extensive pedigree on the FamilySearch Shared Tree and a brief Life Sketch. Quite a few of his and Rebecca’s descendants have photographic portraits attached to their Details pages as Memories. And at the end of his life…


One of ten children born to George and Elizabeth née BRIDEKIRK, John has made little impression on the Shared Tree. Sisters Jane and Isabella married into VAREY and JENKINSON families, thereby producing many Filey descendants for George and Elizabeth. (They have few known forebears.) I don’t know if John made it through childhood.

1865 · William COLLING · MGC1-14W & Betsy JENKINSON

William is a grandson of George COLLING, who was part of the fisher migration south from Eyemouth, and a great-granduncle to Bill “Bullocky” Colling who died in 2015. Betsy is a second great-granddaughter of William the  “first Filey Jenkinson”.

1967 · William Watkinson WILLIS · LYBJ-HGX

William married Edith, daughter of Mortimer “Shaggy” CHAPMAN. In an Open Book memorial in the churchyard, Edith is remembered with her son William who died at the end of 1967, aged 33. Father William is remembered on a flower container, which I could not find this afternoon. His inscription –

Loving memory of my dear husband BILL, from his loving wife EDITH, died Jan 21st.

Here is the Book –

The partly obscured verse reads –

The kiss of the sun for pardon,

The song of the bird for mirth,

One is nearer God’s heart in a garden

Than anywhere else on earth.

1887 · Eleanor AUTON · MGBY-ZZ6

Eleanor married John HARRISON at St Oswald’s in 1881 and died six years later. Filey Genealogy is uncertain about which John and, for now, she remains single on the Shared Tree. But John, though he lived on for another forty years, is remembered on a headstone with his in-laws.

In loving memory of ELEANOR HARRISON, who died Jan 17 1887, aged 35 years.

And of JOHN HARRISON, husband of the above, who died June 16 1921, aged 75 years

Also, WILLIAM WILLIAMSON AUTON who died May 9 1892, aged 63 years.

And JANE AUTON, his wife, who died April 7 1900, aged 72 years.

Abstract 88 · Glen Gardens Lake

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