Harry W.

He was still going by “Horatio” in 1901 but in 1911, as a 25-year-old ostler, he is Harry Wilkinson GRICE. His Ebenezer baptism record gives his birth date. FG&C has nothing more on him. The Shared Tree places his death in Great Yarmouth in 1960 and civil death registration gives a bang-on calculated birth year of 1886. Great Yarmouth is a long way from Filey but not a stretch if you consider the historical migration of fisher families up and down the east coast. Seeking confirmation of our Harry leaving his home town, I found a Harry W. Grice with his wife Mary (I guess) in Gorleston-on-Sea, at the southern side of the River Yare’s mouth. Born 27 August 1885, he was working as a “postman letter carrier”. In Q4 1885, Philip Grice and his wife Agnes Ann registered the birth of Harry Wallace and told the enumerator in 1891 that the boy had first seen the light of day in Ilketshall St Andrew, Suffolk, some twenty miles south-west of Gorleston-on-Sea.

It would be a remarkable coincidence if Harry Wilkinson and Harry Wallace had both died in Great Yarmouth in 1960.

Nineteen years after his christening in Filey St Oswald’s, Frank PROCTOR married Elizabeth SHIPPEY there. He followed his father into fishing but whereas Peter made old bones, Frank was taken by the Great Storm of October 1880. His name does not appear in the Fishermen’s Window in St Oswald’s (Lost, 19 January). He drowned off the mouth of the Humber from the Scarborough yawl General Lee SH68, with Walter Barker, Henry Kettle, John Bayes, William Martin, Thomas Creaser, John Easter and William Newton. His youngest child, Clara, was then not quite a year old.

There are 76 people in FG&C with the family name DALE. It ranks 94th equal (with ANDERSON) but is 333rd in the Top 1,000 here.

Somewhat over-represented then, in Filey parish, mainly thanks to James KNOX and Elizabeth FRANK. They married this day in 1800 in Scalby. (In FG&C – Knox, 4 people, rank 1,438 equal; Frank, 22 people, rank 410 equal.) Their granddaughter Sarah Ann Knox married Robert DALES (sic) of Gristhorpe in 1856. Alas, she is missing from the large family of Edward Knox and Rachel MARSHALL. Possibly a lot of work is needed to connect her to the Dale clan.

Ada Dorothy HORSFIELD died this day in 1974. She is a singleton in FG&C and has no place on the Shared Tree. Her father is absent from both places too. This is a surprise. Below are two photographs of Ada in public roles as headmistress of the Bluebird School on Crescent Hill and as a Girl Guides leader. Herbert Knight Horsfield was a natural history writer of note.

1943, photographer unknown, courtesy Keith D. Taylor

(Keith is third from the left, front row.)

Courtesy Joanne Cammish.

Possibly taken in the late 1930s. I posted this on Looking at Filey but not one of the girls was identified.

I have run out of time to do justice to James DOBBY. He is alone on FG&C  but at first glance has seven IDs on the Shared Tree. The memorial to him is one of the most impressive in St Oswald’s churchyard.

At least ten of his family are remembered. James was born in Glasgow and was 72 tears old when he died in 1886. So if anyone wishes to begin the research and merging effort…

Sunrise 57 · Royal Parade

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