A Full House

It wasn’t planned, but all of today’s Anniversary picks have memorials in the churchyard. I have only made enough time today to link to the headstone photographs on the Shared Tree.

1895 Southwell · Birth  George Alfred BATES

1753 Filey · Baptism  Francis WILLIAMSON

1863 Filey · Marriage  Newman ELDERS and Caroline Mary FREUND

Newman died after six years of marriage. Caroline took gentleman farmer William HANKES for her second husband and they had a daughter. William has his own headstone next to a Celtic Cross remembering Caroline and Hilda Charlotte. Unusually, Caroline’s inscription faces west and Hilda Charlotte’s, east.

Shared Tree Stones

Newman 4 Elders A 25

Caroline Mary 1023 Hankes D8e

1908 Filey · Death  Alice BAKER

1885 Filey · Burial  John SIXTON

Sunrise 58 · Glen Gardens

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