Wednesday 30 January 1901


The following resolution was passed at a special meeting of the Council held on Tuesday evening:-“That the Council, on behalf of the people of Filey, do place upon record its profound and sincere grief at the irreparable loss which the Empire has sustained in the death of our gracious and beloved Queen, and respectfully tenders its dutiful and most loyal sympathy to their Majesties the King and Queen and the rest of the Royal Family in their bereavement.”

It was further resolved to give effect to the King’s Proclamation, as King, the inhabitants to close their places of business during the whole of Saturday, the Council’s employees to cease work too for that day. A committee, consisting of Messrs. Gibson, Smith, and Hutton was formed for the purpose of making all necessary arrangements for a procession to the Parish Church in order to attend the memorial service. It is expected that the attendance will be large, and representative.

The Scarborough Evening News


1879 Filey · Birth  There is no information in FG&C about William WALLER following his baptism at the Ebenezer. It took a while, and there is more to do, but I discovered there were two small boys in “Chapel Lane”, Filey in 1881 with this name. Our birthday boy was the son of James Waller and Sarah Jane Wheeler. A few doors away (?) – his cousin William, almost two years younger, the third child of William Waller and Elizabeth HAXBY. The two fathers had been born into a Norfolk fishing family and, like Jenkinsons and Scotters, had migrated north to Filey. They didn’t stay. William reversed direction and in 1891 was in Hull with Elizabeth and four children, including the younger cousin William.

James and Sarah Jane left Filey after the 1891 census and in 1901 were enumerated in Buckingham Street, Hull, with five children. Older cousin William, aka birthday boy, was now 22 and working as a greengrocer. Ten years on and he is married to Sarah Jane née MEDFORTH and has a daughter – Doris, 6. (They had lost another daughter, Susan, shortly after her birth.)

Sarah Jane was from a small village on the Holderness Plain – Roos – and at some time in the 1920s the couple decided to move there. It may have been for health reasons because William died in the summer of 1926, aged 47.

Younger cousin William, who had worked in Hull as a fish dealer, died in the city about two years later, aged 48.

Are the Williams on the Shared Tree? I’ll have a look and report back.

William the Elder is with Sarah Jane and Doris but their younger daughters, Nancy and Madge are missing. And William does not have paternal grandparents.

I could not find cousin William the Younger on the Shared Tree, nor the grandparents.

1785 Harwood Dale · Baptism Sarah GLAVES, daughter of Nesfield and Sarah née BRADLEY, was baptised in Harwood Dale on this day 1785, or on 24 June that year– or perhaps on both dates for some reason. There is also a  blue hint on FamilySearch offering the ceremony on the latter date taking place in Hackness, over the hills five miles away. The Harwood Dale page image shows the duplication clearly enough.

Sarah on the Shared Tree

1773 Flamborough · Marriage  William FELL was married to Sarah BASTEMAN for only nine years. Sarah was a widow for 45 years. They had three children and only one grandson married to keep the line going. The number of descendants began to rise, and although the majority seem to have been happy in and around Flamborough and Bridlington, eventually some gravitated to Filey. Fourteen are remembered here in the churchyard. Tanton Fell (1880-1939) is a second great-grandson to William and Sarah.

1961 Filey · Death  There are 1,951 family names that have only one representative in FG&C. Almost two-thirds are female andMary Ann THIRSK is one of them. It is possible her surname is of the geographical variety. Born in Goodmanham, she married William SIMPSON in Beverley in 1894 and was ninety years old when she died. She is on the Shared Tree as Mary Ann. I will add some information when I upload her headstone, photographed a few days ago (and still on the memory card).

(I have to photograph the stone again for the Shared Tree.)

1830 Filey · Burial  No surprise that there is only one BUCKTROUT in FG&C. Grace, born in Scarborough, became William EDMOND’s second wife in 1791. I have a record for one child – Ann. Turning to the Shared Tree brought three more, but only Ann seems to have married.

Sunrise 59 · Filey Bay

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