A Light Fall of Snow

Townscape 78 · Crescent Gardens

View from the Bandstand


1895 Filey · Birth  The scrap of information I have on Bernard Charles ROSS has him being baptised on the day of his birth at the Wesleyan Chapel. Maybe he wasn’t expected to live -but a quick check on Free BMD…

After younger sister Grace Eileen’s birth in Filey in 1899, parents John and Mary Elizabeth (née McFARLANE) moved the family to East Retford in Nottinghamshire. When Bernard was thirteen, his mother died and towards the end of 1909, John Ross married Lucy NETTLESHIP in Worksop. Lucy, a single woman, was 44 years old and did not have any children with John. The family continued living in East Retford for a while but perhaps relocated to Sheffield, Lucy’s home town, shortly after the 1911 census. The 1939 Register has Bernard based in the city, working as a commercial traveller in wooden bedsteads and dining tables. With him at No. 1 Crawshaw Grove is Norah H Ross, seven years younger exactly (born 6 February) and almost certainly his wife, though I haven’t found the marriage record yet.

Bernard’s father is on the Shared Tree, but unmarried and without seven of his siblings.

1879 Filey · Baptism  Elizabeth Crawford was the second girl to be given these names by parents William HALL and Mary CRAWFORD. The first child had died the previous year, aged two. The second, known as Lizzie, lived for 76 years.

In 1911 she is in Chapel Street with sister Jane Crawford, brother in law George SCOTTER and two Scotter children. She is described as a general servant domestic but during the ensuing twenty-eight years becomes “incapacitated” and unable to work. Jane is widowed in 1922 and when the Register is taken in September 1939, the two sisters are living together at 27 “Chapel Lane”. The last address for Lizzie in 1955 is given as 25 Chapel Street. Jane departs nine years later from 27 Chapel Street, aged 83.   

1860 Filey · Burial  In 1851, Ann Eliza CUDDEFORD, a single woman from Devon, was enumerated in the household of her married sister Ellen. The head of the household in Church Street, Filey was Benjamin FOWLER, 45, a Ridings Officer. Ellen was eleven years his junior; her sister was 29 years old.

Ann Eliza died on the first day of February 1860; her brother in law on the third of the following month. Ellen lived on for thirty-four more years and did not marry again. A headstone at the west end of the church remembers the trio, and also Jane Smith Fowler, daughter of Benjamin and Ellen.

Shared Tree Benjamin & Ellen

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