Anniversary Blues

My choices yesterday were beginning to shape up but most required so much data gathering to provide “foundations” – I just gave up.

It clearly requires more effort than I am able to muster in a day to make sense of six lives – so I am going to try a shortcut.

Here is a “grid” of today’s chosen people.

Harry SHIPLEY was a singleton on FG&C, so it was a pleasant surprise to see him as a family man on the Shared Tree. Ellen Jane PLASKITT’s parents had not yet tied the knot on FamilySearch – and I only had time to create IDs for some of their children. I have written at least two posts about Richard CORTIS and will just offer a link to one of them. I don’t know what happened to John Alfred Harold HUNT or Robert BRAMBLES – but at least you can look them up on the Shared Tree if you have an interest in them.

When Jane SMITHSON died at the age of 43, she left Richard to raise their ten surviving children. The youngest, twin girls, died in the same year as their mother, but Richard did a fine job with the ones who made it to young adulthood. You can assess the cut of his jib here.

Ellen Jane PLASKITT was six years old when her big sister Amelia died at sixteen. Ellen Jane was also taken too soon. I have not been able to discover the causes of their deaths but suspect it may have been phthisis.

I initially looked askance at several Harry SHIPLEY’s of the right sort of age and feared it would take a big chunk out of my day to find the right one. The Shared Tree came to the rescue. The lad from Uttoxeter had seemed the least likely. Headstone photo.

Flight of Fancy 41 · Planet Foam

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