One in Three

Ann Healand CLARK was the first wife of ‘Tom Bob’ CAMMISH, a fisherman and merchant seaman. In their sixteen-year marriage, I found a birth registration for just one child, Mary Clark Cammish. The Shared Tree offers two sons.

Birth registration sources are provided for both boys but they are bare-bones affairs from the England and Wales Birth Registration Index, 1837-2008. It is worth going the extra few minutes to consult the GRO Index online.

(Free BMD gives “Cammish” in the June Quarter of 1879.)

Ann has the middle name “Harland” in some sources but “Healand” is written in stone.

Her grave is next to the last resting place of her husband and his second wife, Emma ATKINSON. Thomas Robert’s parents are also remembered.


1874 Filey · Birth  Filey Genealogy & Connections has a note from Kath about Mary Elizabeth JOHNSON.

She died rather young, apparently with peritonitis, at least that is what it sounded like when I was told.  She was a lovely young woman, very good-natured and pleasant.  Sally Rees nee Haxby said that her mother cried when she died. They thought that she had trouble with her appendix, but it became worse and she died.

1877 Filey · Baptism  James MURRAY was a photographic artist and land surveyor. Born in Ireland in 1836, he married Rebecca Amy ABRY in London in 1859. Their seven children were born in London, Exeter, Scarborough and Filey. Six were baptised on this day in 1877 at the Wesleyan Chapel. Father James decided to get baptised too.

The family is fragmented on the Shared Tree. Here is the list of the baptised with their ages in 1877 and IDs if they have one.

James, 40, L1QN-MY5

Amy Abry, 16

Esther Lind, 13

William Abry, 11, M3YS-HH8

Lucy Abry, 8, L1QN-SFP

Annie Lind, 5, GMF2-NLL

Elizabeth Lind, 4

Last born Arthur John arrived on 19 July 1880 and was baptised at St Oswald’s on 6 September.

I think the family crossed the Pennines to Lancashire after leaving Filey. I will try to find out what happened to them.

1878 Filey · Burial  Mary CASTLE is the mother of fourteen children, two of whom have had mentions so far this year – Castle Jenkinson (29 Jan) and “Walsher” yesterday, (the death of Ann Baxter).

Mary’s headstone on the Shared Tree.


1985 Coalbrookdale


The bike last used on the day of the blizzard. Its wheels still jammed with ice. Puncture in the front tyre too. Put a spare tube in and new brake blocks on the back wheel. Only two gears available for the journey to Maws. A bitter morning; hands throbbing painfully from the start. Worked ‘til 12.30 on the glass and hardboard storage cubbies. The bike had thawed out – even if I hadn’t – more gears to choose from going home, though mainly lower ones used. Pleasant enough along the Lloyds. The sun of the past few days has melted most of the snow in the woods. Thought ahead to the diversions I might make in the spring, morning or evening, into Lloyds Coppice and Madeley Wood. On the other side of the river, if there is enough energy to spare, I might walk home some evenings through Benthall Woods and over the Buildwas Bridge. (If picture framing proves as hard as painting/carpentry I won’t!)

Listened to the radio commentary of the York v Liverpool FA Cup match while preparing the evening meal. Whoever is occupying 13 Upper Newborough Street now will have realised from the roaring at 4.40 that the gallant home side had scored – equalized in fact to earn a replay at Anfield. “Nice wee house.” Hope it’s sheltering some happiness. And how are the neighbourly Todds? Jack is well into his seventies now but I guess he will go on forever with his healthy diet of bowls, allotment and gossip. Were any “pals” at the match – Action Man, Choc Ice, Honey Monster, Webbo, Big Colin, Little George, Animal? Ah, memory.

Sand 43 · Butcher Haven

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