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I thought this was an eye-opener –

I grabbed the screenshot above from Seemorerocks this morning but couldn’t find the link just now.

The New Zealand Story seems to have replaced the article.

James Howard Kunstler blogs today –

Despite the sedulous efforts to suppress the data (O, the sacred data!) about the failure of their “vaccines,” the real news is getting out: the “vaccines” don’t prevent transmission or infection of Covid-19, and they pose lethal side-effects for the vaxxed. There it is, in plain English. And yet, “Joe Biden,” putative president of the US, is still telling the country to “go out and get vaccinated, get boosted” — ???

Clusterfuck Nation

The winter in North East England has been mild and is currently running 64 times hotter than the International Panel on Climate Change would like. There are two reasons not to have a Thunbergian panic. Weather Stations in half of the globe will be “running cool”. And you can see that the fourteen previous Durham Tees winters have warmed by only six IPCC Units, which is a mere 0.13 degrees Centigrade. In 2017 the IPCC estimated the globe had warmed by 1°C since “Pre-Industrial” and hoped we wouldn’t get warmer than 1.5 degrees above P-I by 2040. A steady rise since the beginning of Meteorological Year 2017/18 has brought us to a projected 1.09°C at the end of Week 11. So we are only a couple of teeny weeny units warmer than we should be on “the road to Paris”. Phew.


1795 Staithes · Birth  Esther THIRLBECK is mixed up in some shady genealogical dealings on Filey Genealogy & Connections(FG&C). Her marriage to 58-year-old Robert CAMMISH in 1829 produced no children. Perhaps not surprisingly, this is shown to be Robert’s second marriage – but the St Mary’s Scarborough register in 1829 claims he is a bachelor. Other sources indicate he was actually younger than Esther. On the Shared Tree, one of the eleven sources attached to his record is the 1851 census. It declares he is 48 years old and Esther fifty.

Cammishes are ranked second in Filey with just 13 fewer of them than Jenkinsons. Robert was a popular Cammish given name too, so mix-ups are to be expected. As I go through the year, I’ll look for opportunities to repair the damage.

1775 Filey · Baptism  What ho! Wilson CAMMISH is a brother to the old Robert who supposedly married Esther. Wilson married Elizabeth DARLEY in Filey but the couple set up a home in Scarborough. In 1841 they were enumerated in Parkins Lane, a few doors away from Robert and Esther. That Wilson’s given age was 65 and Robert’s 20 suggests they were not brothers at all. Wilson died in 1842.

1832 Filey · Marriage  Edward STEPHENSON and Mary FENBY had eight children, most of whom married, though only one has taken a spouse so far on the Shared Tree. Thirty or more grandchildren can be expected to appear eventually.

1972 Filey · Death I put Minnie MARRINER on the Shared Tree today with her mother, brother – and the headstone that remembers them (and her father).

1966 Filey · Burial  The headstone that remembers Sarah Ann Cappleman EDMOND is broken into four pieces. Here is the inscription recorded by Jack and Maisie Cammish in 1977 –

In loving memory of WILLIAM CAPPLEMAN, the beloved husband of ANNIE CAPPLEMAN, born Feb 16th 1846, died Mar 10th 1917.

‘In sure and certain hope’

Also of the above ANNIE CAPPLEMAN, born Oct 14th 1861, died Dec 26th 1940.

‘Peace perfect peace’

Also of SARAH ANN CAPPLEMAN EDMOND, died June 5th 1966, aged 91 years.

Mark of Man 84 · Arndale

Google Alt Text: A picture containing green (Keep on Trucking.)

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