Mammal 13 · Filey Sands

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1879 Filey · Birth  Martha Agnes was the sixth of fifteen children born to Samuel Welford GOFTON and Annie Louisa MALTBY. She was only twelve years old when she died and, though buried in St Oswald’s churchyard, she doesn’t have a memorial. Her father was a man of some substance locally, variously described in censuses as a collector of municipal rates, a bathing machine proprietor and, aged 60 in 1911, having “private means”.

I have not found a report of Martha’s death in newspapers but on 5 April 1891, she was enumerated as a servant to widow Sophia RICHARDSON, 75, in Cliff Terrace. You may, dear reader, hear a bell ringing. Sophia shared the marriage anniversary three days ago and I gave the link to the headstone remembering her and husband John. Sophia died five weeks after the census was taken and perhaps Martha was a witness to the old lady’s passing. Three months later, Martha is sleeping in the same God’s Acre as her former employer.

1848 Filey · Baptism  William MASON and Elizabeth CAMMISH had at least twelve children. FG&C  makes William junior their first son in 1848. He followed his father to sea and fishing would be the death of him in the Great Storm of 1880. A newspaper report said he left a widow and three children. He awaits a wife on the Shared Tree, and the year after he drowned Mary is under her parents’ roof in Ravine Terrace with just two children, Joseph (3) and Rachel (1). Rachel would die in January 1884, aged four-and-a-half.

1864 Filey · Marriage  John Pockley CAPPLEMAN & Susannah WARCUP: Headstone on Shared Tree.

1924 Filey · Death  George “Dingle” SCALES: Headstone on Shared Tree.

1901 Filey · Burial   Charlotte Ann SIMPSON: Headstone on Shared Tree.

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