Measure of Man 73 · Accommodation


1903 Bridlington · Birth  Percy was the third child of Thomas William DUKES and Annie GILL. The family moved to Filey around 1907 and after Norman’s arrival, there was a seven-year gap to Winifred’s birth in 1914. Percy was thirteen when his father was killed in the Battle of the Somme. He married Elizabeth, the daughter of Joseph WALKER a Lancashire man who had crossed the Pennines to work in the South Yorkshire coalfield. Percy died aged 82 in 1985 and Elizabeth followed towards the end of 1986.

1817 Egton · Baptism  Frank RHEA probably lived all of his 80 plus years in and around Egton, near Whitby. There is nobody with this family name in St Oswald’s churchyard. He is remembered here because his daughter Sarah made a second marriage with Robert HARRISON, a Whitby tailor and farmer. Their children were born in or around Glaisdale but Charles “married out”, taking for his wife Mary Edmond LANE, a descendant of the first Filey Jenkinsons and several other fisher families.

Just how much Frank and his wife Margaret owed to Sarah and grandson Charles can be teased from the Shared Tree.

1928 Filey · Marriage  George William SAYERS and Susannah JENKINSON have not tied the knot on the Shared Tree yet – and I am almost out of time today to do the needful.

1786 Reighton · Death Johnson BESWICK was born in Gristhorpe and I expect to find he was raised at the Hall there, but he is in FG&C as a customs/excise officer. He married Frances HUMPTON at Filey St Oswald’s.

1920 Filey · Burial  Matthew John SWANN also married at St Oswald’s, though he was born in Thornton, Yorkshire and his last address was in Edgbaston, Birmingham. He is remembered in Filey churchyard and I’ll put the stone on the Shared Tree soon.

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