1979 Church Farm, Ashmansworth


Is this Spring? Today at market was thoroughly pleasant, the sun’s open warmth filling the stall. It’s only apparent now how dreadful the last two months or so have been. But we’ve come through…

(This morning, mass murder in the chicken house. Kiffer took one bird last week to Southampton. The Indian women saw it hanging and seventeen were ordered at 70 pence apiece. Kiffer stretched the necks of twenty and festooned me with their fluttering corpses. I accepted my role as calmly as I could, grateful at not taking life myself). . . .

Tony’s friend brought across a Richard Jefferies book, “Wild Life in a Southern County”, for which I paid 25 pence. I’ve seen it at the Farm but felt a definite glow of pleasure in securing my own copy. Tony loaned me “Bevis” today too, a gesture that warmed me. I’ve offered him Edward Thomas’ Collected Poems in exchange…

Driving back this evening – the country green and dun. A delightful contrast to last week’s severely beautiful white. This morning’s light painted the fields and woods almost unnaturally. Perhaps it’s because we’ve been so long under ice that the landscapes today seemed artistic conventions. Driving through a gallery of Andrew Wyeths!


Most of the day has been spent following the war that the American MIC wanted so badly and now seem clueless about how to deal with it. I will have to rush through Anniversaries.

1880 Filey · Birth  Alice disappears on the Shared Tree but Kath’s note on FG&C that she is in Sculcoates in 1901 led me to the household of Herod WALKER, Alice’s brother-in-law. Three years later she marries Charles Edward BARKER who, in 1911, is the manager of a hat shop. They haven’t had any children in seven years of marriage. I will try to catch up with them later.

1915 Filey · Baptism  Walter was seventeen when he was baptised at St Oswald’s. Two of his older brothers had gone for soldiers and that may have influenced his decision. The brothers didn’t come home. There is an extensive roll call of Culleys on the family headstone that includes Walter’s wife Ethel. I haven’t found her details yet. From memory – Annie, mother of too many sons who died young, was invited to “open” the Filey War Memorial in 1920 or 1921.

1844 Filey · Marriage  Edward and Jane have yet to be brought together on the Shared Tree. FG&C has given them two bachelor sons but I have a feeling they had some grandchildren. The search is on.

1911 Middlesbrough · Death  Margaret is the grandmother of John Alaric SHEPHERD (see 12 January Death Anniversary.)

1892 Filey · Burial Annie Elizabeth is remembered on the WARE family headstone. She married and died at the age of 27.

Sand 44 · Hunmanby Sands

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