Mark of Man 85 · Archaeology

Filey Sands scoured out


1872 Filey · Birth  Ernest Richard was one of seven children born to Robert CRAWFORD and Elizabeth BRAMLEY – and the only one not to reach adulthood. He has a memorial in the churchyard of unique (to Filey) design.

1804 Hutton Buscel · Baptism  There are three generations of ANGELs on Filey Genealogy & Connections (FG&C), all born in Hutton Buscel. George is the most recent and, as I begin writing this, I don’t know if he left the village, or where he died. One of his offspring must have spread their wings because there are descendants in Filey. The flight is suspect, however, as the link person appears to be a girl-child with three warnings attached – parents married after the parents’ birth, father 13 years old when the person was born, and mother was 9 years old when the person was born.

FamilySearch offers an 1851 census source that indicates the above problems have been resolved somehow.

The age of Charlotte PASHBY is puzzling, but George D’s family moved from Cayton and three younger sisters were born in Filey.

1810 Filey · Marriage  Sarah, daughter of HenryandAnnwould marryJohn CHAPMAN in 1839 and the Shared Tree shows how many descendants ensued. Henry, a mariner, died in the Scarborough Seamen’s Hospital in 1850. Ann lived on and the Seamen’s Hospital would be her last address too. She died in 1873 and two years earlier the census had noted she shared accommodation with a “servant” at the Hospital – her granddaughter Mary Ann Chapman, 31 and unmarried. (FG&C gives Mary Ann three children, fathers unknown.)

1976 Filey · Death Matthew HAXBY awaits his wife on the Shared Tree. Florence May has an ID – they can be hitched any day.

I have a placeholder photo of their headstone in St Oswald’s churchyard.

I’ll put a better picture on the Shared Tree as a memory soon.

1942 Filey · Burial  Margaret Cowling OVERY, the mother of Tom Robert Overy ROBINSON, is “Maggy” on the Shared Tree and not yet married.

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