Take My Breath Away

To think, as children, we used to call her Auntie. This morning, the propaganda arm of the UK regime gave a platform to a woman who was angry. Angry that we did nothing when Putin flattened Damascus and other Syrian cities. She wants a no-fly zone over Ukraine and in this topsy-turvy, upside-down clown world, her wish may be granted. But maybe the reincarnation of Churchill will save us all.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy

And here is a bit-part player in America, the recently appointed Deputy Assistant Director of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy.

Samuel Brinton

The end seems nigh.


1741 Kirkbean · Birth  Mary Anne is an older sister of John Paul JONES, Scottish traitor and American patriot, who memorably visited Filey Bay in 1779.

1755 Filey · Baptism  Thomasin (Tomasyn on the Shared Tree) is a grandaunt of Elizabeth CAMMISH, the love of Robert SNARR’s life. (See Anniversary · Death 17 February.) I don’t have any information about Thomasin but her sister Elizabeth gave birth to Flamborough MAINPRIZEs (and Grace to Filey Cammishes).

1752 Filey · Marriage  Find My Past offers three transcriptions of marriage information from the original register and Bishop’s Transcripts. One has the wedding of Richard and Frances taking place on 1 March 1752; the others on 2 March 1751.

1752 was the first time in England when the year officially began on 1 January. Unofficial folk had long welcomed the New Year in on the first day of January but the medieval PTB insisted that Lady Day on 25 March kicked off the annual activities.

With this in mind, the transcribed dates offered for the marriage of our happy couple are both wrong.

Source: Borthwick Institute for Archives, York

So, if 1751 was the last year to begin in England on Lady Day, Richd. and Frances married on March ye 2d 1752. (The illustration is not a facsimile of the original document. I have removed the baptisms.)

Only one of the modern transcriptions gives the ages of Richard and Frances. Their calculated birth years are 1727 and 1731. The couple’s entry on the Shared Tree has almost nothing to say about them.

The HALL family name in Filey Genealogy & Connections ties with WATSON at Number 18. The 203 instances for each show an “opposite” male/female split. Watson 57.1% males; Hall 52.7% female. I will keep an eye open for any descendants of Richard and Frances.

1809 Filey · Death John probably shared a last meal of mouse and ship’s dog with James ROTHWELL. FG&C indicates he was buried on the day he died, as was James. (Both in unmarked graves.) The burial register shows the order of their interments has been lost in transcription.

Their story is recounted in The History and Antiquities of Scarborough, and the Vicinity By Thomas Hinderwell (Kindle £6.95). See what Thomas looked like here.

1851 Filey · Burial  Isabella’s family on her father’s side were Filey folk but her maternal grandparents hailed from Fylingdales and Robin Hood’s Bay. She did not marry but the Shared Tree presents an extensive pedigree stretching over five centuries. Her grave in St Oswald’s churchyard is unmarked.

Clouds 57 · Filey Bay

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