Lest We Forget

Shared with the permission of Bob Moran

The first six minutes of this video reveal the cut of Volodymyr’s jib.


1866 Filey · Birth  Sarah Mary is the fifth child of Thomas FRANKISH and Ann CHEW but she was absent from the Shared Tree this morning. She is not to be found in the Census following her birth, so it is no surprise to find her death registered before 1871.

A month passed before her parents took her to the Primitive Methodist chapel to be baptised. The wee girl may have been doing reasonably well but then perhaps fell seriously ill. She was buried in St Oswald’s churchyard five days after baptism. Her brief appearance on the planet has not been acknowledged in stone.  I have given her an ID.

Father Thomas has six IDs so there is merging to be done. One ID gives him ancestors but no children and another provides children but no ancestors.

1833 Filey · Baptism  In a brief journal entry, Arthur MUNBY gives us a picture of flither girl Mary CAMMISH. (Noted by Kath in Filey Genealogy & Connections.)

10 Dec 1869: Scarborough Railway Station: In the crowd at the station, a strong and bulky figure, as of a porter carrying luggage came full tilt against me from behind. – wrapped in her coarse fishing clothes & heavily laden. It was Mary Cammish, yellow haired lassie of 20 whose keen & comely face I knew of old.

Mary had four children with Thomas CHAPMAN. Two girls died in infancy. The boys fared better. Mortimer, known as “Shaggy”, reached eighty. Thomas was only 37 when he died. He died a married man on the Shared Tree but not, I think, in real life. I will put the family headstone up as a memory (and fix the doubtful Thomas) as soon as can.

1807 Alveston · Marriage  The Reverend William WHELER and his bride could be total strangers to Filey but the mausoleum in St Oswald’s churchyard was –

Erected by the eldest son in honour of his Father and Mother[and] is also testimony of affection for his 8 brothers and sisters, and for other members whose names [are] inscribed within.

The honoured appear to be from the “pure” RUDSTON family and it isn’t easy to see on the Shared Tree pedigree when the Filey connection is made to hyphenated READs. It is a huge pedigree and while wandering around it I noticed some familiar names from my ephemeral long distant past. For a few days, I shared the likes of Lady Mary Boleyn as a forebear with the Rev William. (Maybe I still do. Maybe lots of us do.)

1941 Leeds · Death  The grandson of Thomas SUGGIT and Zillah AGAR, Stephen was born in Filey but moved to the West Riding. He married Lily GRAY, a Hunslet girl and they had two children when the 1911 census was taken. Stephen worked in the newspaper industry. He was secretary of the National Society of Operative Printers’ Assistants, a delegate to the Labour Party and the Leeds Trades and Labour Council. For 29 years he worked in the Yorkshire Post despatch department. (Source: Yorkshire Evening Post, 6 March 1941.)

Lily had died in the summer of 1937, aged 58.

1893 Filey · Burial  Letitia was born in County Cavan, Ireland. I haven’t found her marriage yet but she appears to have been ten years older than her husband, Hugh John Henry ORR, Filey’s Medical Officer of Health, They had two daughters and one of them, Lucy or Jenny, arranged for a stone to be erected in their memory (and Aunt Elizabeth WOOD, Letitia’s sister). I don’t have a good photograph of the headstone yet. I will put one on the Shared Tree soon -and Doctor ORR.

Abstract 92 · Wall

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