Clouds 58· Arriving Storm


1881 Filey · Birth I chose to remember Mary because of her middle name. I was curious as to discover her connection with the PHILLISKIRK family. There was very little information about her in Filey Genealogy & Connections (FG&C) and an initial search on the Shared Tree failed to turn up IDs for Mary, her husband George CURTIS or their immediate forebears.

It was quite a shock to find that when Mary married at Filey St Oswald’s in 1909, her newly acquired mother in law was a Cookman. Her husband hailed from the end of the world that is Spurn Head. His birth was registered in Patrington, and so were those of two other boys called George Curtis around the same time. Care is required to avoid traps. But for now, I have to move on to…

1833 Filey · Baptism  William doesn’t have forebears on FG&C and his father is “Unknown Pinkney” on the Shared Tree. So I don’t know if Fylingdales and Baytown were staging points on a journey from a more distant Pinkney heartland. (The Surname Map points towards Durham/Northumberland.)

Whatever, some Pinkneys moved on and Peace, born in Robin Hood’s Bay, married William CAMMISH at St Oswald’s in 1852. FG&C and the Shared Tree have given Peace different parents. Another fine mess I don’t have time to sort out.

Wykeham may be William’s last resting place but he died aged 69 in Ruston, fifteen miles south of Fylingdales. I failed to find what happened to his wife, Peace.

1855 Filey · Marriage  John and Ann Rebecca’s first two children were born in Filey but the family then moved up to Scarborough and when the 1861 census was taken they were living at 14 Blenheim Terrace. I would like to know how John met Ann. She gave her birthplace as Axminster, Devon at one census and the hamlet of Up Cerne, Dorset, at the others. Her family name was BAZLEY but in most sources, this is butchered into Barley or Bailey. She clearly signs “Bazley” in the St Oswald’s register.

Most of the time, Ann’s middle name is missing from the records but the Shared Tree gives her death in 1894, with a supporting source for “Rebecca Forge”.

1947 Filey · Death Frances Carter CHAPMAN married fisherman John William WILLIAMSON at St Oswald’s in 1893. They have a headstone in the churchyard.

Treasured memories of JOHN W. WILLIAMSON, a devoted husband and father,

died July 13th 1939, aged 73.

‘Always thoughtful, always kind, a beautiful

memory left behind’

Also of FANNY, his beloved wife, died March 4th 1947, aged 78

‘Reunited in everlasting love’

And their dear son, Lt. JOHN WILLIAMSON, S.A.A.F., died July 22nd 1942, aged 46,

buried at Cape Town, S.A.

‘Loved, honoured and remembered’

1939 Filey · Burial 

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