Missing Anniversaries?

I can’t do it anymore! Five anniversaries a day are too much. The last couple of days had two or three rather interesting characters but I cracked up under the strain of gathering the background information on them. I will start over tomorrow with reduced ambitions. I find the daily spreadsheet helps me to plan the work but in future, I will only “write up” a couple of the remembered people. If the others are of interest, you might consider taking a look at them on FamilySearch and adding information you may have about them there.

Yesterday, I photographed the house in Hope Street occupied by Emma Rance, and her niece and nephew, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. I wonder what they would make of the way we live now.

One of today’s scheduled anniversaries is possibly the “oldest” I am likely to find in Filey Genealogy & Connections, though the MITFORD line goes a little further back in time there. William de Mitford was born in 1369 and died on 7 March 1422. I hadn’t yet looked for him on FamilySearch. I’ll do it now. He is sure to be there

“Sir William’s” pedigree is way more extensive on the Shared Tree than FG&C – and it seems even more incredible that his family name was passed down to a street in Filey (that has a junction with Hope Street).

Another History Lesson

Beach 160 · Filey Sands

Google Alt Text: A person and a dog walking along a beach. (Hurrah!)

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