George Featherstone BAXTER was Betsy Ann JENKINSON’s second husband. The first, Richard RICHARDSON, had drowned in the Great Storm of 1880 when she was just twenty-two. Betsy waited four years before marrying George. It may have been a conscious decision not to wed another fisherman. Thirteen years later –

The Coroner accepted the proposition that George had “acted contrary to instructions” and, in undermining the wall, had brought about his own demise. He had not had any children with Betsy. Mary Jane, her only child with Richard, would marry William SCOTT and provide her with three grandchildren, though one of them, called Richard, wasn’t a blessing to her for long.

I have put Betsy’s mournful headstone on the Shared Tree.   

1876 Filey · Burial  Poor little George Edmund Crawford inherited nothing. His father, George, was rich in heartache. A commercial clerk in Hull, he married Margaret CRAWFORD on 6 March 1875 and must have been delighted when she was soon with child. We can assume the boy was born on 2 December – the day his mother died. George junior was baptised on the thirteenth of that month and died the following March the fifth. How did George senior get through the next day? (The first anniversary of his ill-fated marriage.)

In 1881, George is living again with his parents in Hull. Aged 29, working as a general merchant, he has the company of sisters Kate, 18, and Lily, 8. I did try to find him in later censuses but without enthusiasm – in case I found his life didn’t get any better.

Sadly, the headstone in St Oswald’s churchyard also records the death of an infant nephew, Edward Crawford SWANN.

I put the headstone remembering Dorothy BAYES on the Shared Tree about a year ago. There is some remedial work needed on the families associated with John SPICER and Elizabeth BINNINGTON. I may tell their story at a later date.

Beach 161 · Reighton Sands

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