Another Fine Mess

1873 Filey · Birth  Filey Genealogy & Connections seemed quite sure of its take on the family of John Binnington ROBSON and Mary Susannah MAYO. The FamilySearch Shared Tree, I soon discovered, is conflicted. This morning, I had very little information on “birthday boy” Herbert John Robson. Here he is in the two resources aforementioned.


HERE is Herbert John on the Shared Tree.

Chemist “John B” has ten sources attached to his record and they all appear to be sound. The railwayman “John Binnington” (who married Jane) has seven sources. Two are 1861 census entries. The one true John Binnington, married, is under his parents’ roof in Town Street, Old Malton on census night. Ninety miles to the north, in George Street, South Shields, just John is with Jane and three of the children she had with first husband John MARTIN. The GRO Births Index for the youngest, “Jane A”. shows that the Maiden Surname of Jane Ann’s mother is WILKINSON. Registration in the March Quarter of 1855 sent me looking for the death of the father between 1855 and 1858. This poor fellow is a candidate –

Getting back to Herbert John. He became a general practitioner and surgeon and married Jane Edith Sanders, a teacher of literature, in 1893. They had two sons and a daughter. Jane died in Harrogate in 1930, and Herbert followed in 1931.

The two families that are mixed up on the Shared Tree are somewhat chalk and cheesy. If only two boys called John Robson had not been born in Old Malton a couple of years apart… The one that sought his fortune in County Durham was the son of George and Elizabeth.

(John Binnington had an older brother called John who was born in 1827 and didn’t survive the year.)

Herbert John is the only one of today’s six who doesn’t have a headstone in Filey churchyard. The Shared Tree woes of his family have taken up so much of my time today that I haven’t been able to upload the stone photos. I’m forever playing catch-up.

Water 55 · Martin’s Ravine

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