Flither Girls

1834 Filey · Baptism  Jane was the firstborn of fisherman Robert HAXBY and Mary SKELTON. Her life in early adulthood would have been, by all accounts, tough – collecting flithers and baiting lines for her father. There’s a brief account of this special breed at Scarborough Maritime Heritage. It refers to a television program that “concentrates on the haunted looks on the women’s faces”.

This photograph was donated to Looking at Filey about ten years ago. The Filey girls were not named but at least two have “the look”. One of them could be Jane. She didn’t marry George PICK until she was thirty-two. They didn’t have any children.  There is a death registration for Jane in Boston, Lincolnshire, in 1904, but I haven’t added it to the Shared Tree. I would like to have more information about George first. He is a man of genealogical mystery.

There are more photographs of flither girls – and the men they worked for – illustrating this folk song on YouTube.

1873 Filey · Birth  Hetty is a sister of Charlotte (Anniversary 14 January) and Walter. I wondered why her mother’s name was familiar! Filey Genealogy & Connections took her as far as marriage to Arthur Edward BASS and I wanted to find out more. Arthur was a Lincolnshire man and after marrying Hetty in her home town in 1899, he took her across the Humber to continue his work as a confectioner in Grimsby.

Hetty was thirty-five when she married but had three children before 1905 – Dorothy Emily, Hilda Marion and Norman Keightley. Perhaps after retirement, Arthur and Hetty went to live in Basford, Nottingham, and both died there, Hetty in 1933 aged 69 and Arthur in 1937 aged 68.

1847 Filey · Marriage  Margaretis Robert’s first wife. She died at 53 and probably never saw him in his bellman outfit.

Robert Stork, photographer uncertain (maybe Walter Fisher), no date, courtesy Filey Museum

1888 Filey · Death Sophia died at Kingston Villa on Cargate Hill, a home she shared with younger sister Isabella. But when Isabella departed this life thirty years later it was from Kingston Cottage.

Kingston Cottage/Villa, photographer unknown, no date, courtesy Filey Museum

The sisters are remembered at the Mausoleum in Filey churchyard (next to the tree, right, in the panorama below).

Photographed 12 March 2009

Nature Morte 24 · Cod

A guesswork fish!

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