Flight of Fancy 43 · I Scream


birth I choseMary Agnes in the hope of establishing a relationship with Ruth Charlotte (A Musical Interlude). There is a way to go before I can declare them cousins.

Mary Agnes was only two years old when her mother, Ann PRUDAMES, died in Gristhorpe (according to Filey Genealogy & Connections.) Aged four when the 1871 census was taken, Mary Agnes was living with her Uncle Thomas, his wife and four children in Starkey Street, Stockton. Ten years later she was a boarder in the home of a young Primitive Methodist minister, Robert Keightley, in Hull. Robert was married with two infant sons. His married sister and brother in law were also part of the household. There is no indication that Mary Agnes is blood-related to any of them.

Ten more years pass and Mary has moved to Nottingham where she appears to be living in a hostel of some sort with a number of Lace Market workers. She is described as a “milliner first hand”.

I lose her thereafter and without a death record, I can’t be certain she didn’t marry. FG&C has her dying at Clarence House in Filey and buried in St Oswald’s churchyard under her birth family name. There is no record of a monument in the Crimlisk Survey or East Yorkshire Family History Society books.

baptism  Mary JEFFERSON was baptised in Reighton but married Filey grocer Thomas SUGGIT at St Oswald’s. She gave her birth family name to her third son and three-quarters of a century later another Jefferson Suggit, her great-grandson, would be baptised at St Oswald’s. Mary died a few days before Christmas 1814, aged 74. She was buried in Filey churchyard but does not have a memorial.

marriage  Herbert Percy ROE and MaryElizabeth NEWTON were born many miles from Filey. They married in Derbyshire. I don’t know where Mary died but Herbert took his last breath in Sheffield. A quick search of the GRO hasn’t produced any children for them to raise. There is one Filey-born child in FG&C and Kath notes that Thomas William’s parents were George and Anne (née ROBSON). I don’t know where they fit in.

Herbert is the brother of the marine artist Robert Ernest Roe (active 1860-1900) and there is a painting of fishing boats beached on Filey Sands here (misrepresented as a Scarborough scene). Not long ago a descendant of the artist’s family contacted me after reading a post on the Great Storm of 1880 that featured a Roe painting of the turmoil at Scarborough. And that is why Herbert Percy and Mary Elizabeth are today’s marriage anniversary couple. (Thank you, Richard.)

death Catherine McDEVITT was born in Ireland (Killybegs maybe)and married Thomas CRIMLISK there before they came over to found a small dynasty in Filey and Scarborough. On census night 1851, a house in Back Road, Filey sheltered the parents and ten children, plus Catherine’s seventy-year-old mother “Mary McDorrit”. Mary died at the Crimlisk house in Friar’s Entry, Scarborough in 1870. Civil registration gives her age at death as 102. She is much younger here. Catherine was only 65 when she died at the same address.

burial  Margaret SPINKis a difficult woman. Since I attached a note of caution to her record in my RootsMagic database several years ago, attempts have been made to sort her out. My doubts were about which Robert CAMMISH she married. Her current Cammish husband on the Shared Tree has died much earlier than my chap and, at the age of 61, Margaret has married again – masquerading as a spinster.

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