Landscape 153 · Brigg Corner

I have added the ROSS and RICKABY headstones to the Shared Tree as memories.

baptism In her eighty-two years, Margaret MEDD doesn’t seem to have strayed far from Weaverthorpe, where she was born and baptised in 1821. Her representation on the Shared Tree is currently problematic. I think she may have had three children with William RIDSDALE – and none of them is George [MP8M-F98]. He has no dates but an attached source says he was christened in 1799, long before his mother was born.

I am struggling to find what happened to William, but I was surprised to find Margaret, a married woman of thirty, in the Butterwick household of two bachelor labourers – Samuel BLANCHARD, 53, and his brother John, 47. Margaret’s infant daughter, Hannah, is also a “visitor”, less than a year old and born in Butterwick. (Butterwick is only a mile and a half from Weaverthorpe.) Eleven years later, Margaret, is married to John Blanchard.

In 1871, John and Margaret are enumerated at a house in Front Street, Weaverthorpe. Near neighbours are her father and an uncle. John dies aged 71 two years later. Margaret lives for another thirty years in Weaverthorpe, sharing a cottage with her unmarried son Thomas Ridsdale. In 1901 she is “in receipt of parochial relief” and Thomas is described as an “ordinary agricultural labourer”.

I have updated Wednesday’s post with information about William CAMMISH and Silas TAYLOR.

Another Anniversary

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