Beach 164 · Muston Sands

Flat Cliffs

Cecil Butler was a surgeon/medical practitioner. The son of a “gentleman”, he married Kathleen, daughter of Edwin MARTIN of Ravine Hall, Filey. Cecil spent some time in Kenya and the United States. He seems to have travelled alone. In Filey, the couple lived at Grove House, a name they gave to their home in Devon. I didn’t discover the cause of Kathleen’s early death but Cecil died “peacefully” at age 83.

Robert CAPPLEMAN’s byname was “Bob ‘Ush”. Kath explains in a Filey Genealogy & Connections note:-

[He] became a Primitive Methodist Sunday School teacher. He used to tell the children to ‘ush, hence his nickname of Robert or Bob ‘Ush.

1901; still at 13 Queen St where he’d lived for many years, before moving over to No 28 which was known later as Ben Storry’s… After 1931 they moved to the cake shop near to the Fire Station & [it] was known as ‘Bob Ush’s.’ – he was entered as ‘grocer’ in 1916  – the shop is close to Cammish’s.

Bob ‘Ush gave up fishing following an accident when a vessel was wrecked off Bridlington around 1889. Skippered by his brother William Cappleman, SH.172 ‘Priscilla’ 17 tons Yawl wrecked Bridlington 1889 – this must have been the vessel that Bob Ush was [injured] on… resulting in him giving up fishing and changing to his shop.

My note: Captain Syd’sdatabase lists Priscilla as a herring coble. It was wrecked on 31 October 1889. William Cappleman was the vessel’s first owner (in 1869) and Robert SKELTON the second owner in 1888. No wreck casualties are listed.

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