Bird 118 · Robin

Martin’s Ravine

In Doctor Scrivener Revisited I referred to a post in the old Looking at Filey blog and expressed the hope that you would read Scrivener there. Alas, the British Library still hasn’t restored LaF. I’ll update with a reprint soon.

Emily Jane is a SONLEY on the Shared Tree and bereft of family. I made progress in establishing her origins but there is still work to do. I am fairly sure that Harry SIMPSON is her biological father. He married Sarah SUNLEY a few months after Emily’s birth was registered.

John Wilkes UNETT is the father of New Filey, so to speak. His son John was the marriage anniversary on 19 February.

Mary BROWN must have had an interesting life with Healand SAYERS.

Thomas Frank’s family took up a lot of my time today. All ten of Jackson PARKINSON and Frances FRANK’s children were on the Shared Tree but not connected to each other. Merging took a while. I heeded a warning with one merge remaining. Was I sure what I was doing? There is some uncertainty with Jackson’s parentage so I have left the final bit of tidying-up for someone else to do.

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