Measure of Man 75 · Mobility

Spa Bridge, Scarborough

Elsie is a curious singleton on Filey Genealogy & Connections. Her place of birth is given precisely.


At some point in the next eighteen months or so, the wee girl is taken over 200 miles to Filey, where she is baptised on 4 December 1905. A note offers hope that her loneliness on the tree could be ended, but adding the names of putative father John Lambert and mother Sarah Lewis to online searches yielded nothing. Giving these parents to Elsie on Find My Past failed to generate any hints. Looking ahead to Elsie possibly marrying and definitely dying brought no rewards either. Mystery girl.

Sarah is another minimalist on FG&C. She has parents – Rickman and Margaret (born HUSBAND) – but they have appeared out of nowhere. FamilySearch is more forthcoming. Firstborn Sarah has three siblings, and she marries Jacob COX in Hartlepool. The births of eight children are registered in the town and Sarah dies there at the beginning of 1898, aged 69.

Eliza KAHOON married a sailor in Devonport in 1860. Joseph WATKINSON was seven years her senior. Eliza’s father, a career soldier born in Ireland, appears to have been about twenty years older than her mother. Elizabeth Kahoon, Eliza’s younger sister, married a coastguard boatman who was posted to Filey. The couple lived in West Parade in 1871 and Eliza was with them and their three children on census night. She was still married to Joseph but appears not to have had children with him. I have not been able to discover what happened to Joseph but on this day 1873, she married Filey bachelor William MAULSON, (seven years her junior), at St Oswald’s. Their first child was born in Stockton, County Durham, about eighteen months later. In 1881, William was working as a blast furnaceman in Middlesbrough. I was pleased to find this family already established on the Shared Tree. It saved me a lot of work.

Claudius Galen WHEELHOUSE is a top man – for several reasons. Discover some of them by reading He, Claudius. At the bottom of the page, you should see links to The Surgeon and the Poisoner and A fine Type of Englishman.

Joseph PEARSON appears to have stayed on the planet for just a week. But he may actually have reached adulthood, married and had a couple of children. Joseph looked so much like twin brother Thomas that their mother was unsure which of her sons was lost. Kath added this note to Thomas Cappleman Pearson’s record on FG&C –

His g/daughter told me that when one of the twins died, it was impossible to tell which was which – so they decided it was Joseph who had died. Could very well have been Thos C.

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