Today’s married couple tied the knot at Filey St Oswald’s. John GOFORTH was from Skipsea and his bride skipped through the censuses unsure of her birthplace – it was Gristorpe or Muston by turns. John worked as a tailor for most of his life but also ran a drapery business for a while. He died in the winter of 1917, aged 95. He didn’t need a doctor until he was in his eighties and put his longevity down to abstaining from “strong drink”. His health remained good almost to the end of his life and he “was only bed-fast for about ten days”. He filled out the census form in 1911, reporting 67 years of marriage and the creation of 9 children, of whom seven were still living. Mary Hannah, one of his married daughters, “Mrs J W DIXON”, took her parents in after 1911 and cared for Ann (I hope) until her death in 1923!

Anna Margherita was the third child of Swiss immigrant parents to be born in Southport, Lancashire. John Ludwig and Maria Johanna hailed from the canton of Grisons and one has to wonder why they gave up alpine scenery for Merseyside, before crossing the unspectacular Pennine hills to Filey.  Here they recreated their confectionary business at 46 Murray Street. Their upstairs restaurant was being managed by Anna at the outbreak of the Second World War. On the Shared Tree, Zilla Agar has acquired a contentious extra ‘t’ at the end of her family name. She chose to spend her seventy-nine years as a single woman. I don’t know much about her life. She is a great-granddaughter of Harriet Donkin WALKER (baptism 8 April).

Bird 118 · Blue Tit

Church Ravine

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