Measure of Man 77 · Harbour


Other activities ate up most of this morning and limited the amount of information I could find on today’s choices. I did manage to get to the churchyard to photograph the TYSON stone but I haven’t had time to upload it to FamilySearch. The stones “in green” were added to the Shared Tree and I was shocked to see that Dinah RICHARDSON is now a granddaughter of yesterday’s married couple, Richard Richardson and Elizabeth SPYVEE. Perhaps I have been in error to “buy” the story that Elizabeth had a young child that she neglected in her grief. But if Dinah’s father is Elizabeth’s son, he arrived on the scene 14 years before Elizabeth married her doomed husband. There is a contributor tree on Find my Past that gives Dinah’s “grandfather” a wife called Elizabeth GATECLIFFE. She has Elizabeth Spyvee’s dates – and I have been unable to trace her.

Frances MAINPRIZE is the only person in Filey Genealogy & Connections who died on this day – and in her short life she probably never left her home village of Flamborough. Some Mainprizes did leave the village and settle in Filey and I may eventually find that they are related to Frances in some way.

George Manners FORTH is quite alone on FG&C but a note that his parents were Thomas and Mary Jane made quick work of finding his family on the Shared Tree. The Forths did not stay long in Filey and several of them, including the parents, quit England altogether to seek their fortunes in Canada.

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