Another Resurrection

Yesterday, Jesus and Blind George of Scarborough. Today, Arthur DOUGLAS. Please read Herring Coble ‘Margaret’ first.

I was shocked yesterday to find Arthur on the Shared Tree, restored to life and the father of two more children.

Fanny INGAMELLES had a short life, but her family on the Shared Tree goes back to the middle of the sixteenth century.

Edward COWLING’s male line also goes way back but his wife Hannah appears out of nowhere.

Sarah Jane was born at King Parrot Creek in Victoria, married George HAYNES at Mooroopna and died at a good age in Cowram by the Murray River. I didn’t have to look far to find her connection to Filey. The RALSTONs were recent immigrants to Australia, descendants of once prosperous and high-status Scots. Her mother in law, however, was a Huntingdonshire BURR, and although the Shared Tree doesn’t offer the connection, Filey Genealogy shows Mary Ann to be an aunt of David Burr (birth anniversary on the fifth of last month).

I have put the headstone that remembers George Colling WATSON on the Shared Tree and will add his siblings when I find the time.

Flight of Fancy 45 · Anatomical Drawing

Lines in the Sand

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