Bird 120 · Chaffinch♂

I was side-tracked today by one of tomorrow’s anniversary people and have had to short-change Alice and Emma Maria. But all six have FamilySearch IDs and four have “stone memories”.

Emma with one T in BARNETT turned out to be a sister to George Nesfield. George, the eldest of nine, followed his father into the meat trade, working initially in a butcher shop on John Street. He left Filey in his late twenties and possibly lived out his bachelor life in Hull. He returned to his birthplace towards the end of his days and is buried in St Oswald’s churchyard, He didn’t marry but was kind to Filey’s children. He bequeathed the land that became the Memorial Gardens to the town’s youngsters, for them to play on. The plaque on the back of the War Memorial spins his wishes somewhat but I expect he would be pleased to see that his gift is well used and much appreciated today.

John James and Elizabeth were married for seventeen months. War denied them more time together. See On the First Day. (There is a photograph of them on their wedding day on the Hunts Cyclists website.)

Samuel Nesfield was a publican and farmer – a not uncommon dual occupation. But I have a note that his farm of 110 acres was in Colton near Tadcaster. Not to be taken as gospel. (Samuel and George are not related by blood.)

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