Insect 43 · Small Tortoiseshell

Charlotte tops my list of past Filey holidaymakers that I would have liked to meet – but only because she is Emily’s sister. I can recall the day in the Sixth Form as if it was yesterday that ‘J.R.’ read the opening paragraphs of Wuthering Heights to us. See High Windows.

David was baptised in his father’s home village, Beeford. He found a wife in Foston, about four miles distant and the couple set up home in Kilham. Six children (on the Shared Tree) were baptised there. Firstborn son William cast his net wider. Priscilla was from Cayton and she may have been the force that ensured their lives would end in Filey in the 1840s. Their daughters, Jane and Priscilla, married at St Oswald’s – into the seafaring Filey Crawford and Richardson families. Several boys in these families were given the first name ‘Dunn’.

Matthew is the only TILFORD in Filey Genealogy & Connections. In the next generation, his family name would appear as TELFORTH or TELFORD. Hannah gives birth to five girls but FG&C only has the two youngest – Margaret, who was happy with Filey and had nine children with Peter PROCTOR, and Jane who sought adventure and created a SANDERSON dynasty in Ontario with her husband John.

For a little more on Miss PARROTT, see Emily’s Brothers.

Henry John Kilby GIBSON is a grandson of Alice BAKER (death anniversary, 28 January).

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