Found Object 65 · Woodland Wordplay

Primrose Valley

Ann JAMES, the wife of Bradley BURN, went by Annie, and this was the name they gave to their first child. The wee girl lived for twenty minutes. The following year they named their second child Annie. The enumerator records her in 1901 at age four, with sister Hilda, 2, but I have not been able to follow her fortunes thereafter. I fear she died before the next census but haven’t found a death registration.

I hit a snag with the DRINKELL family late in the day but haven’t had time to research a substitute. Gardener George, who worked for a time at Ravine Hall, may have been mistaken for another George on the Shared Tree – a joiner who worked on ships in Hull. But our George and his wife died in Hull and were brought to Filey for burial. Their firstborn daughter is Ann Elizabeth on FG&C, baptised this day at St Oswald’s, but I can’t find the source to confirm this – and she is just Elizabeth on the Shared Tree.

I haven’t been able to put this stone on the Shared Tree yet. John Matthew went by Jossie Buggins. There is some information about his father, Old Jossie Buggins, in an extract from Irene Allen & Andrew Todd’s first book on Filey, shared on the Scarborough Maritime Heritage website.

Two Jenkinson brothers, Ted and George Jenkinson, distant cousins of the “Sled” family, were also lost in the “Research”. They were grandsons of the well known Filey Character “Jossie Buggins”. George Burton remembers two lads – “Teddy Fat” was about 21 at the time of his death: he

“allus had taithwack and a grey shawl wrapped round his jaw, and always had a bloody great gob full o’ taffy… and a woodbine at the same time!”

George, only 16, was very quiet. Their deaths were deeply felt in the family. It is said that their mother, Liz Chapman, never again locked the front door on Spring Road, believing that one day they would eventually return. 20 years on, the family loss was still remembered. We found this notice in the Filey News of 1st December 1945:

“In memorial – Jenkinson – in loving memory of our two dear sons, Ted and George, lost at sea, 25th November 1925. Always in our thoughts. From Mother, Father, Brother and Sister.”

Hannah Tilford PROCTOR is a granddaughter of yesterday’s anniversary couple.

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