Landscape 155 · Lebberston Cliff

Gristhorpe Wyke

There are reasons for the red on the board.

The stone that remembers Thirza/Thurza and her husband is one of about seventy memorials in Filey churchyard that have been recorded in the past but which no longer exist or cannot now be found.

John & Maisie Crimlisk transcribed F39 (EYFHS 2171) as follows –

In loving memory of WILLIAM, beloved husband of THURZA HUNTER, who died Feb 15th 1931, aged 78 years.

‘At rest’

Also of the above THURZA HUNTER, who died April 21st 1935, aged 79 years.

Fred and Eliza’s stone is ready to upload but Eliza has at least one duplicate ID that the system isn’t picking up. It is too late in the day for me to sort out the problems.

Eliza is an older sister of David Burr (birth anniversary, 5 March) but her ID in the grid doesn’t show this. David’s ID does – LYYP-V1B.

Mary was the first of five children born to James Thomas GAGE of Cranswick and Filey’s Ann Elizabeth WATKINSON. I haven’t been able to find a place for her on the Shared Tree.

It was no surprise to discover that Thomas William Preston was the son of a gentleman. At the age of forty-four, he was living at Lebberston Lodge, a single man of Private Means, looked after by widow Lily SHEPHERD, 35, and her daughter Dora, 14. (This relationship is a guess – Dora isn’t in Filey Genealogy & Connections.)

Nature is overwhelming the last resting place of Thomas.

There is a plaque under the leaves (if I recall correctly) with a simple inscription –


Born Oct 1 1866, died April 21 1935.

He has some forebears on the Shared Tree. I will introduce him to them as soon as I can.

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