Townscape 79 · Filey Seafront

Sarah Annie CUNNINGHAM was the fifth of six children born to John, a coastguard boatman, and Sarah Ann REEDER. Their last child, Florence Mary, has a place on the Shared Tree, but her parents are currently in limbo. There is a collection of family memorials in Filey churchyard within a large kerb and one of the stones remembers Sarah, who didn’t stay long.

Alice is childless in Filey Genealogy & Connections but the Shared Tree shows her with eight ROWBOTHAM children. The last born is not really a WATSON.

Richard Richardson the Second is remembered on the SIMPSON family stone but I have not yet discovered what happened to his widow, Christiana.

The name Fennell DEIGHTON may ring a bell. His Uncle Fennel’s death was one of the anniversaries on 13 April.

Laura CRICK was born in Bressingham and the fates decreed that a Keighley man would find her there, in Norfolk, and marry her. John Arthur ALDERSON, a Primitive Methodist minister, was then despatched north to Filey, where Laura died aged 29. Three years later John married 21-year-old Jane Maria TOWSE, daughter of sub-postmaster Samuel (death anniversary 4 January). I don’t think Laura is related to the famous Crick.

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