Measure of Man 78 · Wreck


See An Unfortunate Steamer

At last, one of the 44,000 or so people in Filey Genealogy & Connections that could possibly be a distant relative of mine. I can’t find any Smelts in my pedigree but the name swims into memories of childhood. After generations of being satisfied with life in my home city, a great-granddaughter of William Smelt, Elsie Elizabeth, made her way to Filey and married ‘Tint’ JENKINSON.

John William and Thomas Silvester HEBDEN were baptised together at St Oswald’s and I expected to find they were twins who had not survived for long. John was younger by 18 months or so and died six months after he was baptised. A distinctive middle name has not helped me to discover what became of Thomas. The boys are not together on the Shared Tree.

Today’s newlyweds have yet to find each other on the Shared Tree – and I don’t know when or where they died. John Wood PROCTER took his mother’s family name and Maria also gave her firstborn son Thomas the “Wood” identifier, if such it was. She then married the man who would beat her to death. John and Clara married at St Oswald’s about four years after his mother had been buried in an unmarked grave nearby.

My version of Sarah Ann RIDSDALE has a photo of her headstone on the Shared Tree. She has a slightly different surname (and an earlier death) elsewhere on FamilySearch.

Forster CROZIER began his working life at the age of nine or ten in a Durham coal mine. He would become “a good soldier of Jesus Christ”.

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