Flower 28  · Leopard’s Bane

Martin’s Ravine

Charles Canby WILKINSON was less than a year old when his father was lost at sea and just three when his sister, Mary Lizzy, was sexually assaulted in Edmund CRAWFORD’s herring house. He worked as a bricklayer and didn’t marry. His headstone also remembers his stepsister, Florence Wilkinson TEMPLE.

Baptised on the same day at St Oswald’s, Elizabeth and William CLARK were not related.  Elizabeth’s parents were William and Mary (WHITFIELD) and young William was the son of George and Mary (HOPPER). I am hoping he survived infancy.

Jane ILEY was Joseph SHAW’s first wife. She had five children in thirteen years of marriage and surely deserved a memorial. (Joseph may have had a stone erected but it has not survived.) His second wife Catherine is remembered on his headstone but their fifth child together, Emily, gets top billing. Her death in Tottenham fits with her marrying a Shropshire lad but I haven’t been able to find out what became of Daniel.

Though he was given three names when his birth was registered, he was just William when he died.

Rachel CAMMISH married John COBB when she was twenty-one and died ten years later. She is the grandmother of Ada Cobb WILLIS, pictured with her father in this year’s 20th of January post.

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