Sea 42 · Filey Bay and the North Sea

For Jack, see the wedding anniversary of his parents on 19 April.

William Henry has two brothers and two sisters in my update of Filey Genealogy & Connections but is currently on his own on the Shared Tree.

Charles Overy BELT is “Charlie” on the Shared Tree. He is a grandson of Charles OVERY, who survived an Arctic winter locked in ice aboard the whaler Diana.

David’s younger brother, Harry, opened this year’s anniversary project. Here is Kath’s note on David’s FG&C record.

David had suffered as a prisoner of war across Europe & there are his diaries which obviously show his mood swings as a POW. Sadly after being re-united with his family in Filey after the war – he was working with Sonny Caine (Andie Caine’s son) & they had been to Barmston in a wagon. A gust of wind caught at some wood almost taking Sonny off the wagon – David leaped at the wood to save Sonny and fell over the side onto his head – he died from his injuries.  So sad to go all through the war and die in this way!!   sources:  Harry Cowling.

UK, British Army Prisoners of War, 1939-1945

Name: D. L. Cowling

Rank: Corporal

Army Number: 4393232

Regiment: Green Howards

POW Number: 220938

Camp Type: Stalag

Camp Number: 344

Camp Location: Lambinowice, Poland

Record Office: Infantry and Army Educational Corps Record Office, York

Record Office Number: 20

Google Maps has some photos of the Lambinowice Camp.

The anniversaries of three BURRs have already been celebrated. Today’s David is the son of David (birth 5 March), brother to Eliza (marriage 23 April) and an uncle of Thomas Barker Burr (baptism 19 January).

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