Wave 56 · Coble Landing

It may have been her husband’s influence. After signing the marriage register “Dinah” our birthday choice today becomes “Diana” at subsequent censuses. And Robert SHEPHERDSON writes “Diana” on the 1911 census form. All six of their children were present on that day at 42 Scarborough Road, Driffield – but they haven’t made their way onto the Shared Tree.

When Eliza’s parents went to register her birth they didn’t say her middle name was Ann. She has a lot of sources on the Shared Tree but I can’t check most of them because I don’t have an Ancestry account. At the moment she resides on an island with her husband. By my count, they had eight children and the marriage lasted 54 years before death parted them. They are together in St Oswald’s churchyard.

John Matthew and Elizabeth also had three (or four) children that the Shared Tree should embrace.

Anne BESWICK has no family at all on Filey Genealogy & Connections. I expected to find her at Gristhorpe Hall but she proved to be elusive. Maybe you can find her!

Ditto Thomas HARPER, All I know is that he died aged 56 in Cayton but was buried in Filey.

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