Bird 123 · Mallard

Glen Gardens

In Filey Genealogy & Connections, Thomas Smith OMAN marries Hannah Green BRAMLEY at St Oswald’s in 1854 and they have five children in the following seventeen years. The lives of all five children are “endless” in the database. Mary is the middle one, born in 1864. The GRO Index, however, gives her three more siblings, making her the fifth of eight Oman children. The census records indicate that she leaves home in her mid-teens to work in service. In 1881 she is found in Westbourne Park, Scarborough, the only domestic servant in the large household of widow Jane Woodcock, a retired hosier. (Jane’s married daughter Mary is in residence on census night with husband Robert Dunn WOODALL and their nine children.) Ten years later, our Mary is still single, a servant to the HAWSON sisters at a lodging house they run in Prince of Wales Terrace, Scarborough. I lose track of Mary there. (I have put Mary on the Shared Tree but the Bramley family requires a lot of work. Mary’s new ID doesn’t take you to half of it.)

Oh, Mary was born before her parents married but she is clearly a Bramley.

Henry’s birth year ranges between 1818 and 1827 in online family trees. The 1871 Census and his death registration agree that 1818 is correct, though he wasn’t baptised until 6 May 1822. He is working in Newark as a brickmaker in 1841 and a waterman in 1851. Between those years he had spent some time on the south coast, getting Sarah Ann OVERY with child but then marrying her and bringing her home to Nottinghamshire. I cannot find a birth registration for either Charles Cobb or Charles Overy. The boy who would winter in the Arctic aboard the whaler Diana is a Cobb in 1850s Newark and an Overy when he marries in Hull in 1867. Henry had eight other children with Sarah Ann. The youngest, Henry junior, was seven in 1871 when his father was working as a porter in Newark. (Henry senior is a great grandfather of Charles Overy Belt: marriage anniversary 29 April.)

Filey fisherman Charles SKELTON was 33 when he married Ann CHADWICK at Flamborough St Oswald’s. FG&C hasn’t blessed them with children.

Ellen was twenty-three when she married George BOWES at Filey St Oswald’s. They almost made it to a fiftieth wedding anniversary. George lived another eight years. Neither has a place on the Shared Tree yet.

Henry had been given the middle name “Thomson” when he was baptised but he is just Henry when his death is registered. I haven’t found the reason for his early passing.

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